Why Delta Sigma Pi?

We are the only business fraternity at Chapman University to restrict acceptances to the Argyros School of Business and Economics, which is instrumental to our career focus and tight-knit brotherhood. We organize professional development initiatives to give our brothers an advantage in competitive career opportunities. By emphasizing a balance between brotherhood and professionalism, our brothers find an unrivaled community of driven individuals who motivate each other to succeed. However, what truly makes Delta Sigma Pi unrivaled is our drive to make an impact on our communities and the world at large, which is unique to each brother. Talk to our brothers to find out more about the impact they’ve made and what they hope to achieve.

What majors does Delta Sigma Pi accept?

Accounting | Business Administration | Economics

Who can recruit?

If you are a full-time undergraduate student and have at least a semester left after pledging, you are eligible to go through our recruitment process.

Can I attend both Delta Sigma Pi and Alpha Kappa Psi’s recruitment event?

Yes! You can go to both fraternities’ recruitment events at the same time! For Delta Sigma Pi, you can choose to attend all or some of our recruitment events, which means you can stop or start recruiting at any time. As long as you attend at least three (3) recruitment events, you are eligible to sign up for our final recruitment event, the interviews.

What is the pledging process like?

After recruitment events and interviews, we extend invitations to select candidates for our pledging program. Pledging is an intensive five-week process designed to help our pledges grow professionally and personally. Pledges learn and exercise team-building, public speaking, and leadership skills, all in the context of business projects and practices. In addition, pledges learn the Fraternity’s history and its operational requirements through planning and participating in projects and events. Pledges are paired with big brothers in the chapter for additional mentorship and career-guided growth. At the end of pledging, pledges are considered for initiation into the chapter. Pledging is designed to build the highest caliber of brotherhood and professionalism.

If I do not get an invitation to pledge the first time, can I apply again?

You are always welcome to go through the recruitment process again. We look forward to seeing how past prospective members have grown personally and professionally since the previous recruitment period.

What criteria is used when deciding who is given an invitation to pledge?

There is no pre-set image of the ideal candidate as we recognize the different contributions that various individuals can make. However, we are still looking for highly motivated scholars that not only work well independently but within a group as well. Potential, as well as present qualities, is a determining factor in the selection process. Some factors we take into consideration are professional attitude, past successes, willingness to learn, passion, and social compatibility.

How many pledges are accepted each semester?

The number of invitations we extend varies widely depending on how many prospective members we believe are qualified. Recent pledge classes have ranged in size from as little as two and as many as seven.

Can I pledge for Delta Sigma Pi if I am a member of a social fraternity or a sorority?

Yes. However, you cannot pledge for Delta Sigma Pi if you are a part of another professional fraternity.

Can I pledge for Delta Sigma Pi if I am a member of a social fraternity or a sorority?

Yes. However, you cannot pledge for Delta Sigma Pi if you are a part of another professional fraternity.

Are all recruitment events mandatory?

Prospective members should at least attend one recruitment event in order to qualify for the interview process. Although our recruitment events are not mandatory, it is highly encouraged that serious prospective members attend as many of the events as possible. These events allow prospective members to learn about Delta Sigma Pi and get to know the Collegiate. If you cannot make an event, please email [email protected] with the event you will be missing.

What professional activities are hosted?

We host a myriad of professional activities throughout the semester. Some of the events that we have hosted in the past include networking opportunities, a financial literacy workshop, speakers from corporate companies, and alumni panels. We have invited individuals from a variety of backgrounds in business including marketing, event planning, the technology sector, and the entertainment industry.

What does a typical week in the Sigma Phi Chapter look like?

We have General Business Meetings (GBMs) on Tuesday evenings where we go over any upcoming events. Each collegiate brother and pledge is assigned to a committee (either professional, marketing, fundraiser, or community service), and are expected to attend these meetings that are generally held weekly. The rest of the week tends to vary, and oftentimes there is either a professional, service, or a social activity event for our collegiate members. Throughout the week, there are optional study sessions in the evening for the collegiate members to attend and bond.

Have more questions?

If you have more questions, feel free to email [email protected]!